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NVU70 Sony Portable GPS Satellite Navigation


The NV-U70 comes preloaded with detailed street maps of the 48 contiguous United States. You'll find maps of Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico on the included DVD-ROM; you simply upload them on the NV-U70 from your computer via the included USB cable.

You'll find the vivid, 3.5" screen easy to read, even in bright sunlight. It shows you exactly where you are, tells you what your next move is going to be, and helps you find local services in unfamiliar towns. To choose a destination, you simply use the touchscreen controls to select a street address, intersection, or one of the millions of points of interest, like restaurants, hotels, and more.

If you miss a turn, the NV-U70 will recalculate your route automatically. If you come up on a traffic jam, hit the "Block Road" command on the touchscreen, and the NV-U70 will find you a new route. For easy viewing, a light sensor automatically switches the screen from day to night mode when the sun goes down. And pressing the "Take Me Home" button tells the system to find the best route back to your home from your current location.

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NVU70 Sony Portable GPS Satellite Navigation
NVU70 Sony Portable GPS Satellite Navigation
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Product Details


  • Maps: The Sony NV-U70 comes pre-loaded with maps of the contiguous United States, including Washington DC. They contain detailed road maps and approximately 1.6 million Points of Interest (POIs); such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, attractions, and ATMs. The included DVD-ROM includes maps of Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico that you can load into the NV-U70 if needed.
  • GPS Accuracy: This unit's GPS positioning capability is accurate to approximately 9 feet.
  • Touch-screen  Display: The unit features a bright, 3.5" (diagonal) LCD with touch-screen  controls. This screen has an anti-glare/finger print resistant coating. The display has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are +/-80 degrees.
  • Menu
    • New Destination: enter a destination
    • Search Nearby: find a POI close by
    • Route: show the entire route, simulate the route, or block a section of the route (detour)
    • Muting: mute or un-mute the speaker
    • Settings: volume, brightness, route options, display mode, language, items displayed, etc
  • Block: When blocking a section of the route, choose the amount (distance) you want to detour around; 600 ft, 1600 ft, 0.6 mi, 1.2 mi, 3.1 mi, 6 mi, 12 mi, or 31 mi. The NV-U70 then calculates a new route to your destination around the blocked section.
  • Text-to-Speech: This unit's Text-to-Speech feature gives you audible prompts of street names, so you can keep your eyes on the road. The unit can also "speak" route navigation messages; such as "drive two miles and turn right onto Main Street."
  • Repeat: Press the left button on top of the unit to repeat the last voice command.
  • Map Display Information
    • Indicates real-time moving map illustrating your current position and intended route
    • Shows geographic details such as lakes, rivers, highways and towns
    • Allows you to zoom and pan using the touch-screen controls
    • The road you're currently on the the next road you'll turn onto are displayed
    • Your arrival time and distance to your destination are displayed in the lower right corner
    • The distance to and direction of the next turn are shown in an inset box on the left side, if two turns are close together, the direction of both are displayed
    • Your speed, altitude, and an arrow pointing north are displayed in an inset box on the left side
    • If available, signpost information can be displayed
  • Power Requirements: The Sony NV-U70 operates on your vehicle's battery using the included 12-volt cigarette lighter power adapter or the built-in Lithium-Ion battery. The Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 4 hours of use. The battery can be charged using the 12-volt adapter or the included AC adapter. Stored data, such as itineraries or unit settings, are not lost when the unit is disconnected from a power source.
  • Antenna: The built-in antenna is located in the unit's top panel. The optional VCA-41 external antenna may be needed when operating the unit behind a coated windshield or an in-screen heating system which can block the GPS signal.
  • Mounting Options: The unit should be securely installed when used in a vehicle. The unit comes with a mounting bracket that includes a suction cup. The suction cup can be used to mount the unit to the windshield or to the dash (using the Dash Mounting Plate). Once the Sony NV-U70 is mounted, it can be tilted forward or backward and rotated for best visibility.
  • Interface Capability: This unit can be connected to a PC via the supplied USB cable. This interface allows you to download additional map information to the unit's flash memory.


  • Portable satellite navigation system with built-in GPS antenna
  • 3.5" color screen
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen controls
  • Voice prompts
  • Dual front-panel speakers
  • 1.6" woofer with diffuser
  • Preloaded maps of the 48 contiguous United States; Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico on DVD-ROM
  • 1.6 million points of interest
  • Automatic rerouting in the event of a wrong turn
  • "Block Road" rerouting
  • "Take Me Home" feature automatically calculates route to saved location
  • USB cable
  • Internal, rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of life
  • Suction-cup mount
  • Car power adapter
  • 4-1/8"W x 3-1/2"H x 1-3/8"D
  • Warranty: 1 year

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