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NVU84 Sony NAVU Navigation 4.8" LCD Screen


The Nav-U NV-U84 provides exemplary guidance so you'll always know where you are. Its 3-D junction guide provides split-screen closeups of complicated intersections, with extra detail to ensure you won't miss the correct turn, ramp, or exit. Dynamic travel information on the map screen updates you on the number of miles to the next turn or your final destination.

The convenient "Voice/Position" button lets you hear the next voice prompt well ahead of time for added assurance. The Nav-U's "gesture command" feature routes you instantly to your home or a recent destination with one simple finger motion across the screen, a big plus if you're staying in a motel and want to explore the neighborhood.

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NVU84 Sony NAVU Navigation 4.8" LCD Screen
NVU84 Sony NAVU Navigation 4.8" LCD Screen
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Product Details


  • Slim Portable Design: The NV-U84 is lightweight and slim making it ideal to use in the car or carry around in your hand or coat pocket.
  • Easy Installation: The NV-U84 comes supplied with a cigarette lighter adapter for supplying power to the unit in your vehicle and also comes supplied with an adjustable suction cup mounting cradle that can be mounted to the windshield or dash or console. The unit also features an integrated, flip-up GPS antenna, plus an input jack for an external GPS antenna to mount outside of the vehicle, if desired.
  • 4.8" Display: The Sony NV-U84 features a 4.8" widescreen touch-panel LCD display (816 x 480 pixels) with an anti-glare coating for easy viewing and simple operation. The display features adjustable brightness for day and nighttime driving.
  • Photo Viewer: The NV-U84 has a slot on the bottom for a Memory Stick Duo containing JPEG photo files. Images up to 12MP (megapixels) can be viewed on this unit. You can select a short, medium, or long playing interval between photos. Slideshow can be repeated if desired. Images can be played back in chronological order (forward or reverse), or by file name.
  • On-Screen Keyboard: The unit features an on-screen keyboard when you need to enter text. When entering address, you need only enter characters in uppercase, as the system automatically converts them to appropriate characters. You can change the case or enter special characters/symbols when necessary. There are three types of keyboard displays available:
    • QWERTY + 123: standard QWERTY keyboard layout with number keys
    • QWERTY: standard QWERTY keyboard layout without number keys
    • ABC: Alphabetical layout without number keys
  • Gesture Command: Using the unit's touch-screen controls you can make simple on-screen finger commands. Commonly used commands may be accessed by using assigned finger strokes on the screen instead of paging through numerous menu screens. For example, to start navigating to the top destination stored in Favorites, you can draw an "L" on the touchscreen.
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS): Text to Speech eliminates second-guessing when making a turn. The unit utilizes spoken commands ensuring you are able to follow the directions by street names. You can select voice type (English/French/Spanish) and volume setting (Off, 1-4). You can listen to the NV-U84's Text-to-Speech through the unit's built-in speaker.
  • Multi-Language Menu: The unit's on-screen menu text can be changed to English, French or Spanish.
  • GPS Receiver: The Sony NV-U84 features a high sensitivity GPS SIRFstarIII chipset that gives you fast, accurate positioning.
  • Map Views: The unit can be set one of the following 2D or 3D map views.
    • 2D: Overhead view
    • 3D (level 1): Aerial view from a high angle
    • 3D (level 2): Aerial view from a medium angle
    • 3D (level 3: Aerial view from a low angle
  • Map Orientation: You can set the unit's Map Orientation to Always North (top of the map is always north) or In Direction of Travel (top of screen is your traveling direction). You can easily switch between map orientation options by touching the North indicator window.
  • Route Searching: You can search for a route in various ways. The following route search methods are available.
    • Address Search: Address Search allows you to set the destination by entering the address information such as house number, street name, etc.
    • Home Search: You can register your home address so you can calculate a route to your house quickly from anywhere on the map.
    • POI Search: This unit features a database of approximately 5,000,000 Points-Of-Interests. POI (Points-Of-Interest) search allows you to set facilities such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc., as destinations. The system searches for POIs near the current position or by city. POIs can then be searched by name or category.
    • Intersection Search: The Intersection Search allows you to select an intersection as a destination.
    • City Center Search: The City Center Search function allows you to select a city for a destination and will calculate a route to the center of the city you selected.
    • Quick Link Search: Quick Link allows for quick access to the preset POI name/category.
    • Recent Destinations Search: The system stores previous destinations, allowing you to select one quickly from the list.
    • Address Book Search: You can register the destinations or points on the amp to the unit's address book which you can select the destination from.
    • Favorites Search: You can register up to 4 favorite destinations and select one of these destinations to easily navigate to.
  • Route Profile Settings: You can set the NV-U84 to avoid or use Ferries, Carpool Lanes, Driving Route History, and/or Calculation Condition when calculating your route.
  • Interim Destination: This feature adds a point as an interim destination to your current route. The navigation unit will navigate you to this interim point and then to your final destination or next interim point.
  • Itinerary Planning: An itinerary is essentially just a list of 'waypoints' and 'destinations'. Up to ten route points can be set. The best route is calculated, however, you can change the route by deleting a destination, or manually changing the destination order.
  • Skipping Current Destination: If more than one destination point exists on your route, you can choose to reroute and skip the upcoming destination.
  • Turn-By-Turn List: The unit's Turn-By-Turn list provides a list of every turn in your route from your starting point to your final destination.
  • Re-Calculation: The NV-U84 can adjust to your new location instantly and provides a new route, if you should take a wrong turn or get off the route in some way.
  • Automatic Zoom: This feature changes the map scale automatically depending on the driving speed. The faster the speed, the larger the map scale.
  • Intersection Zoom: This features shows you a magnified view of an intersection.
  • Password Lock: You can lock the unit's control by setting a custom-user 4-digit numerical password to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Power Requirements: The NV-U84 can be operated using the unit's internal battery-pack, supplied USB cable, supplied cigarette lighter adapter or optional AC adapter (sold separately). The unit's built-in rechargeable battery-pack supplies up to 2 hours of operating time. The rechargeable battery requires 3 hours of charging from the supplied car battery adapter and USB cable or optional AC adapter (sold separately).
  • Power Saving Mode: This function turns off the unit's display automatically after several minutes of inactivity.



  • Portable car navigation unit
  • Suction-cup mount
  • Car power adapter, USB cable, and rechargeable battery with up to 2 hours of life
  • Photo viewer and headphone jack

Navigation Features

  • 4.8" color (816 x 480 pixels) touchscreen control
  • 5 million points of interest
  • 2GB internal flash memory preloaded with maps of the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • "Gesture command" allows user to route home or to a recent destination with one quick finger motion across the display
  • Lane guidance and 3-D junction guide
  • Multi-destination routing: itinerary with 10 waypoints
  • Transport modes: automobile


  • Memory Stick Duo card slot


  • Dimensions: 5-15/16"W x 3-7/8"H x 13/16"D
  • Weight: 8.8 oz.
  • Warranty: 1 year

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